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DeMark Service for Bloomberg

DeMark Service for Bloomberg Professional

DeMark Service for Bloomberg Professional

The DeMark Service for Bloomberg Professional® offers the market-timing precision of DeMark® on the financial industry's premier market data platform. Now available exclusively as a third-party upgrade, the DeMark Service for Bloomberg provides access to the complete library of DeMark Indicators®, TD Re-Search™ (TDRS <GO>), the DeMark Chat Room and, in 2013, real-time Scan and Alert capabilities. With the most comprehensive DeMark-based service available and Bloomberg's unparalleled information, research, and data at your fingertips, there's no better way to improve your timing and analysis.

Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg has set the standard in financial analytics, news, and data for decades. Bloomberg Professional's consolidated platform allows for the seamless integration of the DeMark Indicators, as well as countless other functions, into your daily workflow.

DeMark Indicators (TD Indicators) for Bloomberg

DeMark Indicators

For nearly 40 years, the DeMark Indicators have helped traders navigate the markets. Used by many of the world's top money managers, the DeMark studies clearly identify areas of likely price exhaustion, helping users time their entries and exits with greater accuracy. The DeMark Service for Bloomberg includes the full suite of DeMark Indicators - roughly 60 studies in total - all of which can be applied across assets, time frames, history and data to enhance your market timing.

Scans and Alerts for Bloomberg

TD Re-Search (TDRS <GO>)

TD Re-Search (TDRS <GO>) serves as your central destination for all things DeMark. In addition to detailed help pages and instruction, TDRS also offers a robust scanning tool that searches the Bloomberg universe for DeMark Indicator results on an end-of-day basis. Users define the parameters of their query to access the list of names that meet their criteria.

DeMark Chat Room for Bloomberg

DeMark Chat Room

The DeMark Service relies on Bloomberg's groundbreaking IB persistent chat technology to offer the only DeMark-based community available. Featuring Tom DeMark and other DeMark Analytics personnel, the DeMark Chat Room provides an active, 24-hour forum for subscribers to engage in educational discussions about the DeMark Indicators, study support and instruction, and market observations.

Cursor Commentary for Bloomberg Professional

Cursor Commentary

Cursor Commentary is designed to offer comprehensive, real-time DeMark Indicator insight within Bloomberg's charting application. Selecting the desired price bar provides information as to the DeMark Indicator's status and expected activity, as well as recommendations for further analysis. The results are dynamic, and can be applied to any asset across a variety of time intervals, helping to guide you through the analytical process.

Convenience & Service for Bloomberg Professional

Convenience & Service

The convenience of the DeMark Service for Bloomberg is not limited to its professional service. It is also found in its customer service, competitive pricing, and no-term service agreement, giving users greater flexibility and support.

DeMark Service for Bloomberg Professional®


  • $500.00 USD per month

Payment Methods:

  • Bloomberg Invoicing
  • Soft Dollars
  • Credit Card


  • Monthly
  • 30-Day Cancellation

DeMark Features:

  • Complete DeMark Indicator Library
  • Scans
  • TD Re-Search
    (TDRS <GO>)
  • DeMark Chat Room
  • Cursor Commentary

Platform Features:

  • News
  • Earnings
  • Research
  • Extensive Market, Fundamental, & Economic Data Reporting
  • Charting
  • Multiple Chart Types
  • Technical Analytics
  • Custom Portfolios
  • Bloomberg Mail
  • Instant Bloomberg (IB)
  • Bloomberg Anywhere
  • Bloomberg Help
  • And More

Platform Details:

  • An active Bloomberg Professional login is required to access the DeMark Service
  • Contact Bloomberg for current Bloomberg Professional pricing and features